Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 236


White to play and win

B Rabinowitz v A Schobi 1955

I struggled with this puzzle, eventually settling on the small retreat 1 Qf4! planning 2 Ng5, hitting h7: and I felt it gave white a strong advantage. Turning on Stockfish it gave the move as its first choice initially, with +1 advantage, hardly startling, before switching to 1 Qd2!, which I will come to below.

There is one, nice, unforced line after 1 Qf4. If 1…Qc7 2 Ng5 f5 then 3 ef!! Qf4 4 Bh7+ Kh8 5 fg mate. In the game, black played 3…e5 and resigned after 4 Bh7+ Kh8 5 fg+ Kg7 6 Be5+.

However, 1…Bd7 is better (after 1 Qf4); 2 Ng5 Bb5 3 Bb5 Qb6 4 c4 and white is better, but it really is a computer position: 4…a6 5 Bd4 Qc7 6 Ba4 Qc4 is unclear to me, with black having three pawns for…

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