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Black to play and win

From: many games, see below

The position was the weekend puzzle in last weekend’s Financial Times column by Leonard Barden. He wrote that it is a Dragon Sicilian opening trap which has deceived three grandmasters.

On inspection, I couldn’t solve it: 1…Nd4 just simplifies into a position where white has a space advantage, and I couldn’t see how to trap up fork a minor piece; so as is my wont, I tore the article out (sans solution), and took it with me on a dog walk….and the solution quickly came to me.

1…Bd4! is a surprise exchange, but once seen, is easy: 2 Bd4 e6 and if the Knight retreats to e3, 3…e5 traps the bishop, or if 3 Nf4 e5 is Purdy’s ‘potassium cyanide’ and forks the minor pieces.

Having thrown away the solution, I don’t know which three GMs Leonard was referring to…

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