Fremont Summer Chess Camp: “The real secret is in enthusiasm.”

I consistently share my expertise with other chess coaches in order to better the chess environment for all the scholastic chess players in California. In 2014, I shared the secret behind the success of the Fremont Summer Chess Camp. Sometimes in chess and in life, the truth is very obvious.

Fremont Summer Chess Camp: Week 1

The first week of the Torres Chess and Music Academy’s Fremont Summer Camp was a smashing success. One parent even asked me why our camp was so much better than the other chess classes in the Bay Area. I answered, “The real secret is in enthusiasm. It is the magic we use to transform challenges into accomplishments.”


Students learn more when they are having fun.




TCAMA Director of Instruction, James Paquette, teaches his students the secrets to Paul Morphy's success.




Tans Hylkema taught our youngest campers how to play chess and notate their moves.




Students at the Fremont Summer Chess Camp were constantly challenged.




Joe Lonsdale has been doing this for nearly thirty years!




Francisco Anchondo teaches his students how to turn chess advantages into stunning combinations.




Our campers learn first hand why International Master Emory Tate is a chess teacher of the highest quality.




After just one week, our youngest players understand the most important endgame positions.




Every game played at our camp is turned into a custom lesson for the children who played it.




All of our hard work pays off during the next school year.

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