It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 18


Black to play and win

Trapl v Forintos, Overhausen 1961

Not too hard today, especially given that it is a puzzle, and, for me, because the rubric in the book said that Black played 1…Qd5+ and eventually lost. So 1…Qd5+ is ruled out, so that in examining all biffs 1…Qd7+ is a natural try.

Then if 2 Ke4, 2…Qd5+ is mate in mid-board; and the same if 2 Ke5 (2…Qd5mate).

I have a soft spot for the Hungarian GM Gyozo Forintos, since he was the first GM that I beat, albeit in Rapidplay. I was white, and if I recall correctly (it was in the late 1970s) he had played in the then Benedictine tournament in NW England, and stayed on, I think the Rapidplay being in Knutsford. I remember the first two moves, with me being white: 1 e4 h5 2 d4 h4….so you can tell he didn’t take…

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