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2019 Lathrop Mayor’s Cup Chess Tournament

May 1, 2019

Dear Parents,

It is my great pleasure to invite your children to participate in the 2019 Lathrop Mayor’s Cup chess tournament at River Islands Technology Academy. Many of your children enjoy chess and will be excited to compete against other young chess players from around our region.

The date of this tournament is May 11 and round 1 will begin at 9:30am. All participants will play four rounds and Lathrop’s Mayor, Sonny Dhaliwal, will arrive at 2:00pm to hand out awards. Because of a generous donation from the River Islands Development Team and our tournament staff donating their time, there is no cost to register for this exciting event. Additionally, we will be selling lots of tasty treats and pizza slices to raise funds for the Torres Chess and Music Academy’s other projects in the area.


Chris Torres

President of the Torres Chess and Music Academy

Register online at

First Annual Lathrop Mayor’s Cup Chess Tournament

May 29, 2014
Lots of happy faces at the  inaugural Lathrop Mayor's Cup Chess Tournament.

Lots of happy faces at the inaugural Lathrop Mayor’s Cup Chess Tournament.

On Saturday May 24th 2014, the chess club at River Islands Technology Academy hosted the inaugural Lathrop Mayor’s Cup Chess Tournament. Thirty children were in attendance for a five round USCF rated chess tournament which was the first of its kind ever held in Lathrop, California.  The eight hour chess extravaganza also served as a fund raising event for River Islands Technology Academy with all profits from the food sales going directly to the school.

Lathrop’s mayor, Sonny Dhaliwal, came and met with all the participating students. Mayor Dhaliwal was extremely proud to observe so many of Lathrop’s children playing chess.

“I had the honor to attend the first Mayor’s Cup chess tournament last Saturday at River Islands Technology Academy. I was so happy to see youngsters having such a great time with their families. I am so thankful to Chris Torres for his hard work and dedication. My best wishes are always with Chris and his family. Congratulations to all who took part in the Mayor’s Cup on a job well done.” – Mayor Sonny Dhaliwal

After Mayor Dhaliwal had taken a moment to speak with everyone in attendance, Brenda Scholl, principal of River Islands Technology Academy, gave him a tour of their brand new campus and told him about RitechA’s first school year. At the end of the day Mrs. Scholl returned to present the awards to the participants of all five sections.

In the K-1 section Maddox Ramos won the first place trophy winning four of his five games. Rosaleia Torres took second with three wins and a draw. Hayden Hokanson placed third. Mia Viloria tied for fourth place with Rio Torres-O’Callaghan. The River Islands Technology Academy Chess Team took first place in the k-1 section.

The top players in the 2-3 grade section were Rex Watson in first and Jackson Torres-O’Callaghan in second.

The largest section was for grades 4-5. First place went to Omar Silva with a perfect score.  Jacob Santos was close behind with only one loss. Travis Torres-O’Callaghan, Chloe Ma, and Armando Silva all scored 3/5 and thus had a three way tie for third place. Again, River Islands Technology Academy placed first as a team.

In the final section,  grades 6-8, Berkeley Torres-O’Callaghan won first place. Berkely’s sister, Savannah Torres-O’Callaghan tied for second place with Caleb Dunn.  Mossdale Elementary School, powered exclusively by the Torres-Ocallaghan family, placed first in this section.

After such a successful start, the Torres Chess and Music Academy is already planning four more scholastic chess tournaments to be held in Lathrop during 2014-2015 school year. If your child or school is interested in participating, please contact Chris Torres by visiting

Big Chess News for Lathrop, California

May 8, 2014


On occasion, the Torres Chess and Music Academy focuses attention on noteworthy individuals who have helped us in our goal of bringing chess and music education to large numbers of children. On May 24th we will be honoring one of these great individuals by running the inaugural Mayor’s Cup Chess Tournament in the City of Lathrop, California.

Our Mayor, Sonny Dhaliwal has been a great friend of education, the Torres Chess and Music Academy and of the citizens of Lathrop. When bureaucracy threatened slow down our progress of enriching children’s lives through chess, Mayor Dhaliwal stepped in and cleared the path of obstructions. This was not the first time the Mayor has answered my calls, just the last of many. In doing so, Mayor Daliwal has made it very clear that he cares deeply about Lathrop’s children and strongly supports our goals of bringing chess to every school in the City of Lathrop. It is because of his incomparable support of the Torres Chess and Music Academy’s goals, that we are honoring Mayor Dhaliwal by running the first ever scholastic chess tournament in the City of Lathrop in his name.

Please consider bringing your child to this friendly and educational event. The game of chess has so much to offer children. Every child will receive an award and all the children attending will experience a world class scholastic chess experience.



Where: River Island Technology Academy – 100 Commercial Street, CA 95330

When: R1 @ 9:00am on 5/24/14 Breakfast and Lunch will be served on site.

What: Scholastic (K-12) 5 Round Swiss – G/45

Cost: $32

Trophies are awarded to top 5 players in each section. 6-10th places will win medals. All other players will receive ribbons for participating. The first place team in each section will win a trophy.




USCF Rated Swiss Format: All players must be USCF members, and understand USCF tournament rules. USCF Membership fee is $17, per year. This fee is included in the entry fee. 5 round Swiss Format – Everyone plays 5 games against players in their section. Sections are by grade. 5 sections based on grade (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9+). Top 5 players in each section will win trophies. All sections will be Game in 45 min (each player). Sets and boards provided. Clocks will be provided, but players are encouraged to bring their own.

*Round Times: If not registered by 5/23 @ 9 pm they will not play R1.

R 1 @ 9:00am R 2 @ 10:30 LUNCH R 3 @ 1:00pm R 4 @ 2:30 & R 5 @ 4:00

Breakfast will be served before R1. Trophies and medals awarded at 5:45


Entry Fees: $32(includes $17 USCF membership)  Make check payable to: TCAMA or APPLY ONLINE at

Information: Contact Chris Torres at




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