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Top 10 Reasons Your Child Should Attend the Fremont Summer Chess Camp

May 6, 2013

Your child should attend the Fremont Summer Chess Camp at Mission San Jose Elementary School because:

10. He/she wants to train with the current National Elementary Chess Champions

9. Mission San Jose Elementary School has a beautiful campus and is conveniently located in Fremont, California.

8. The price is only $185.00/week and we offer multi-week discounts.

7. Our coaching staff will include Joe Lonsdale, Eric Schiller, Francisco Anchondo, Tans Hylkema and Chris Torres.

6. Our curriculum will be customized for each group at camp. (Your child will be taught what he needs to know.)

5. Our camp has a USCF rated tournament with prizes every week.

4. At the end of camp your child will receive a customized study plan so that his/her progress continues.

3. Our instructors average over 15 years of chess experience each.

2. For several years running our camp has had 60 kids attend each week.

1. Chess is fun and has been proven to improve standardized test scores.


Sing up for the 2013 Mission San Jose Chess Camp online today!

Mission San Jose Elementary Chess Team 2010

Mission San Jose Elementary Chess Team

Children playing chess over the summer.

Children playing chess over the summer.



MSJE Wins The National Elementary Chess Championship Again!

April 8, 2013

The kids from the Mission San Jose Elementary School chess team have won the national championship title for grades k-6 at the 2013 USCF Super Nationals. Headed by coach Joe Lonsdale, the MSJE chess team became the first school in California history to win the National k-6 chess championship in 2009. Four years later, still under the guidance of coach Joe, they have done it again. This years championship

The National Champions from MSJE

The National Champions from MSJE

top scorers were Amit Sant with 5.5/7, Christopher Pan with 4/7, David Pan with 4/7 and Anjan Das with 3/7. I will share personal stories from the kids in my coming posts but for now it is time to celebrate.


Come and train with the National Champions at the 2013 MSJE Fremont Chess Summer Camp. Our summer camp is open to all school age children. Details can be found at the Torres Chess and Music Academy’s Website.

On the Eve of Greatness: Part Three

April 5, 2013

It has now been several years since I first reported on the three California chess prodigies that I had the pleasure of coaching during the 2010 school year. My first article, “On The Eve of Greatness: Three California Chess Prodiogies Competing in their First National Chess Championship” shined the national spotlight onto Milind Maiti, Chenyi Zhao and Ben Rood. Since then,  the United States has been honored to have all three players selected to represent their country at World Youth Chess Championship Tournaments. “On The Eve of Greatness: Part Two,” followed the adventures of Ben Rood and Milind Maiti in Slovenia at the World Youth Chess Championship in 2012. This weekend, all three are entered to play in k-3 Championship division of

Chenyi's chess future is as bright as her beautiful smile.

Chenyi’s chess future is as bright as her beautiful smile.

the USCF Supernationals in Nashville, Tennessee.

Milind Maiti, is a first rate chess talent who, sadly for this coach, no longer attends Collins Elementary School. However, any student I have ever coached, I remain a fan of for life. Besides, Milind’s natural chess abilities and pleasant personality make it virtually impossible not to be a fan of his chess.

I still play chess with Chenyi Zhao every Thursday at Achiever Institute in Fremont, California. Even after all these years, I still am constantly impressed with her chess prowess and work ethic. After I play a game with Chenyi, she usually volunteers to help my four year old daughter improve her chess game as well. I have no doubt that Chenyi’s chess future is as bright as her beautiful smile.

Ben Rood is scary good at chess. He has already won a couple National Championships but after barely missing a medal in Slovenia, Ben definitely has something to prove. When he has his “A” game going there is no one his age that can match his ability at chess. I predict another top finish for Ben in Nashville and a medal run at the next World Youth Chess Championships in Dubai.

USCF SuperNationals 2013

April 5, 2013
Just one of the playing halls. (Photo by Elliot Liu)

Just one of the playing halls. (Photo by Elliot Liu)

The time has come for the most exhilarating scholastic chess tournament of the year to commence. Over 5000 children from all over the United States have descended upon Nashville, Tennessee to decide who the best chess players in the country are. All of them have dreams and most of their dreams will be crushed. But somewhere between headache and heartache, there is chess glory. It is this glory that keeps the talented chess kids training all year for just one event.

I will have regular updates on this blog with a focus on Northern California participants. Stay Tuned throughout the weekend.

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