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Calchess Super States

April 26, 2014

The Calchess Super States is an enormous event that can be confusing for veteran chess parents and downright overwhelming for the newbies. Below is what you need to know to survive the weekend. As the event progresses, return to this blog for unique analysis and articles about the 2014 Calchess Super State Championships.


The Calchess Super States is an enormous event!

The Calchess Super States is an enormous event!


First check and make sure your child is listed here:


Second read this: “Information directly from Judit Sztaray


Third: Be sure to take advantage of free game analysis by TCAMA coaches on site at the 2014 Calchess Super States. For more information on our coaches please visit


Be sure to take advantage of free game analysis by TCAMA coaches.

Be sure to take advantage of free game analysis by TCAMA coaches.



Information directly from Judit Sztaray


The event will take place in Santa Clara Convention Center.

The address is:  5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054. You can park for free in the parking lot located right next to the building. Enter the parking lot from Great America, right after the Hotel Hyatt. I suggest you park on the top of the deck, where there is a direct walkway to the 2nd floor of the Center (where the team rooms are located.)
When you enter the building from the parking deck, you’ll find first the team rooms, and take the escalator down, to get to the 3 main Halls (2 game rooms and the parent’s room.)

If you enter the building from the main entrance, the tournament rooms and registration desk is just ahead, to the right from the entrance.


What to do when we get there?

The first thing you should do is to check your child(ren)’s registration. There will be a sign on the wall saying Check Registration here. No need to go to registration desk prior checking your child(ren)’s name on the posted list.

If you have pre-registered, your name should be on this list. Please check for name, grade and school/team information.

If everything is correct, you are good to go and get ready for the first round.

Should any of the information be incorrect, then, and only then, please see the Registration desk.

Also, if you see any $ sign next to your name, please see Registration desk, because that indicates that you have not made all necessary payments.


If you have NOT pre-registered, please see the Registration desk for on-site registration. Please note the followings:

On-site registrations will be allowed, however, on-site registered player is NOT guaranteed a game in Round 1, and will be defaulted be given a zero point bye for the first round.


Please, remember your section, with the time control, you’ll have an easy time to locate your room with that information.

If you forgot your section, you can always look it up in the Master Alphabetical List.


Tournament rooms:

The tournaments will take place in 3 different rooms. The sections are assigned to rooms based on their TIME CONTROL:


All sections under 800 – both Saturday and Sunday – with G/30 d5 time control will be held in Hall A3. The round times for these sections are: 10am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3pm, and 4:30pm.


All two-day sections above 800+ with G/75 d5 time control will be held in Hall A2. The round times for these sections are: Saturday 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and Sunday 9am, 12pm, and 3pm.


Gr 7-12 Championship section (1600+) with G/90+30 time control will be held in Great America 3. Round times for this section are: Saturday 9am, 1:30pm, 6pm, and Sunday 9:30am, and 2pm.




Parents’ room is Hall A1, where we have many chairs and tables set up for your convenience. There are bathrooms and concession stand is located in this room. The trophy ceremonies will also take place in this room in the far right corner around the podium.



Team rooms are located in the second floor just left to the escalators. Room numbers 202-207.



Pairings will be posted both inside, and outside of the Tournament rooms, and also there will be a copy posted in the parent’s room as well.

If you have any trouble understanding the pairing sheet, please, see a BayAreaChess Volunteer and ask them to explain.

Every board will need to fill out a Result Slip of their game. Please, explain this to your child so that they come prepared. These rules will be also explained by the TDs inside the tournament rooms, before the rounds.



Trophies, Medals and Ceremonies

Trophy ceremony will be held on Saturday at 6pm for the Saturday 1-day sections, Sunday at 6pm for the Sunday 1-day sections and Sunday at 6:30pm for the 2-day sections. Everyone is entitled to get a medal for their participation, so please, even if you do not get a trophy, make sure you pick up your medal J next to the trophy table. A parent volunteer will be able to help you.



No outside food is allowed in the Convention Center. I know from personal experience as a parent, it is very hard to follow this rule, however, we must ask you to try your best so that we can continue to use this location in the future.

We have contracted two food vendors: Peet’s coffee cart and Concession Stand in Hall A1. Peet’s Cart will be open from 8:30am to 12:30pm and the Concession Stand will be open from 11am to 3pm, both days. I have told them to be prepared and expect a lunch rush of pizzas and kids’ friendly menu items around 11am, just after the 1st round before the 2nd round.


If you registered before March 15th and selected the free T-shirt, or if you have purchased a T-shirt online, please pick up yours at the T-shirt stand located opposite to Hall A-3 in the corner, next to the entrance of the building. Our volunteers, Becky and Leigh, will be waiting for you there.

You can also purchase T-shirts there for $20.


Need help? Have questions?

General rule: if you have any questions or need help, please find anybody wearing either a name-tag, or a Director BayAreaChess T-shirt. They will be able to direct you to the best person answer your questions.

Anything tournament/game related questions, the computer TDs and the Chief TD, Tom Langland, will be answering.

Anything payment, technical, event or site-related, the BayAreaChess staff and volunteers will be able to help you.



If you have any questions before, during or after the tournament, email us to:

You can also reach Judit on 919-265-7560 if you need immediate assistance.



For the Players:

  1. Consult the pairings chart to find out color, opponent, and board number for your game. The posted pairing chart will look something like the one on the right.
Player Color Opponent Board
Azhar, Aamir White vs. Langland, Jorda (999) on board 1
Azhar, Arman Black vs. Langland, Steel (900) on board 2
Langland, Jorda Black vs. Azhar, Aamir (1500) on board 1
Langland, Steel White vs. Azhar, Arman (400) on board 2


  1. Look for your name in the first column. This row with your name tells you the color of your pieces, your opponent’s name, and the board number.
  2. In the example, one player is directed to “See TD” because the section has an odd number of players. If you see this next to your name, please wait next to the computer TD area.
  3. As you enter the player area, please locate your board by the assigned board number.
  4. Once you locate your board, double check your opponent’s name and assigned color of pieces!
  5. Please be in your seat ready to go, at least 10 minutes before the round starts (example: you should be at your board by 8:50am for the 9am round each morning!)
  6. Directors and volunteers will ask all adults to leave the playing room before games begin in every round.
  7. Please comply promptly and efficiently.
  8. Inform your child (player) where you will meet him or her when s/he completes the game.
  9. If you are taking care of a Kindergartner, please remain near, but outside the playing area. We will only allow Kindergartners to leave if there is an adult present to receive him/her.
  10. Non-players in the playing hall must observe pin-drop silence. The slightest noise will prompt removal.
  11. Players, when you are done with your game:
  12. Report your result to the TD and reset the board.
  13. Go to the Scorers’ table and report your result there as well.
  14. Players may only use restrooms in the lobby during their games and non-players are not allowed there. Please go to the restroom a few minutes before every round.
  15. If you need to miss a round, please let the TD know ASAP so you are not dropped.
  16. If you need help at any time, please stop by at the Information Desk. They will attempt to resolve all issues.


Don't forget to sign up for the Fremont Summer Chess Camp at Mission San Jose Elementary School which will feature instruction from GM Susan Polgar.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Fremont Summer Chess Camp at Mission San Jose Elementary School which will feature instruction from GM Susan Polgar!



Joe Lonsdale’s Legacy to Northern California

April 24, 2014

Santa Clara, California (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

A TCAMA Instructor is Receiving the Greatest Honor Ever Bestowed on a Chess Coach from the Governing Body of Northern California Chess


On Saturday, April 26, while many people are still asleep, elementary school children will turn out in mass to play chess in the largest State Championship chess event on the West Coast. The k-6 section is projected to have more than 500 children and starting this year, Calchess has officially renamed their Elementary State Scholastic Championship the, “Joe Lonsdale Championship.”

Joe Lonsdale takes a moment to enjoy another Championship with MSJE students.

Joe Lonsdale takes a moment to enjoy another Championship with MSJE students.


Joe Lonsdale established the Mission San Jose Elementary School Chess team in 1990 for the benfit of his oldest son and has been running the program ever since. Mission San Jose Elementary School has made a habit of winning almost every State Championship title in California that they are eligible to play for and Joe’s success as the MSJE head coach is really what put Fremont Chess on the map. In fact, Joe has lead the MSJE chess team to more state championship titles than all the other schools in Northern California combined. So it is fitting that, this year, to honor Joe’s unparalleled success as a scholastic chess coach, Calchess has decided to rename the Calchess Elementary Scholastic State Championship after Joe Lonsdale.

“Joe Lonsdale successful approach to teaching chess produced the first elementary school team in the history of California to win the National Championship and the first to ever repeat the feat. Joe’s only critics are those who try and emulate his success but of course lack the chess knowledge and finesse that Joe brings to every chess class. Sadly, instead of learning from the master himself, some people would rather spend their time creating discord in the Norcal scholastic chess scene. I, however, am honored to work with and learn from Joe Lonsdale on a weekly basis. Teaching with Joe Lonsdale has been the most educational and rewarding experience of my chess career.”-Chris Torres(President of the Torres Chess and Music Academy)

After coaching his students all weekend long at the state championship named after him, Joe Lonsdale will take a short break from his chess instructing obligations before showing up to the Fremont Summer Chess Camp at Mission San Jose Elementary School. On a daily basis during the month of July, Joe Lonsdale will make sure his students are preparing for the next school year’s chess battles. It is this kind of dedication from a head coach that is the main reason that Mission San Jose Elementary School has been the best school chess program in Northern California for decades. Joe’s influence on Norcal chess extends well beyond Mission San Jose Elementary School and children from any school or club are more than welcome to register for the Fremont Summer Chess Camp at Mission San Jose Elementary School by visiting the Torres Chess and Music Academy online.

Original Press Release:

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