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Puzzle Worthy Position 26

June 15, 2016

The solution to this puzzle is a simple but useful concept. 

White to move and win.

Puzzle Worthy Position 25

May 31, 2016

Target practice!

Black to move and mate in four .

Puzzle Worthy Position 14

April 26, 2016

This position is a little tricky. It’s white to move and remember to analyze all of your checks, captures and threats.

White to move and win.

Chess Homework 2

January 12, 2013

The chess homework in section two is all about king and pawn endgames. I selected some of my favorite instructional problems of this kind and placed them in order of ascending difficulty. If your child is stumped by any of these problems he/she should seek out a Torres Chess and Music Academy teacher for an explanation.

2.1Difficulty: *

Difficulty: *

2.2Difficulty: **

Difficulty: **

2.3Difficulty: **

Difficulty: **

2.4Difficulty: ***

Difficulty: ***

2.5Difficulty: ****

Difficulty: ****

2.6Difficulty: ****

Difficulty: ****

2.7Difficulty: *****

Difficulty: *****

2.8Difficulty: ******

Difficulty: ******

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