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Fremont Summer Chess Camp 2013: Preview 2

May 26, 2013
Eric Schiller is a fantastic chess coach and respected author.

Eric Schiller is a fantastic chess coach and respected author.

The Torres Chess and Music Academy is pleased to announce that Eric Schiller is joining the team of coaches for the 2013 Fremont Summer Chess Camp at Mission San Jose Elementary School. Eric is a great coach and respected chess author of more than 100 books! Below is a recent article describing Eric joining the Fremont Summer Chess Camp:


The Torres Chess and Music Academy is pleased to have Eric Schiller as a coach
for the 2013 Fremont Summer Chess Camp at Mission San Jose Elementary School.
Eric Schiller, Ph.D. is the author of over 100 chess books and the personal
chess coach to many talented young players. When he is not playing in major
chess tournaments, Eric is a sought after International Arbiter who has
organized and directed an impressive list of chess tournaments and matches. Eric
Schiller has stated that he looks forward to making the “best chess camp even
better in 2013.”

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Perfect Hanukkah Gifts for Young Chess Players

December 6, 2012

200248233-001With Hanukkah right around the corner, a few Jewish chess parents have inquired about chess related gifts for their little tournament players. After answering their questions directly, I thought it might be useful to post my suggestions for everyone to see.

Perfect Hanukkah Gifts for Young Chess Players:

Today’s young chess players are able to access a wealth of information quickly through the use of computers. Far and away the most popular chess title for kids is Chessmaster: The Art of Learning. This program by Ubisoft is available for most video game systems as well as the pc and mac. In Chessmaster: The Art of Learning students will be able to access lessons, practice puzzles, analyze their games and play chess. This program has been on the market for a few years so a used copy can be found relatively cheap (under $30) for all systems.

Apple fans will be pleased to know that there are several very good apps available for young chess players who have an Ipad at home.  The Shredder app hass one thousand tactical puzzles make it worth having and a great chess engine for playing and analyzing for under $8. If your child is more of a beginner you might consider buying them the Chess Camp app. Chess Camp is broken into several volumes which contain puzzles geared toward quick learning of important concepts. Chess Camp is the only chess learning app officially endorsed by the United States Chess Federation. Each volume is a bargain at $3.

Advanced chess players can still find books very helpful. Noted chess Author Eric Schiller has recently revised several of his top selling books. Some recommended titles include, The Encyclopedia of Chess Wisdom, Learn From Bobby Fischer’s Greatest Games and 639 Essential Endgame positions. All of these books are priced under $20 and will captivate young tournament players.

Finally, what can be better than giving your child the gift of training from the country’s best chess coaches. The San Francisco Bay Area features a Winter Chess Camp run by the Torres Chess and Music Academy. TCAMA teachers have instructed several National Champions in the last few years and have turned the Silicon Valley into a chess powerhouse. Information on our winter chess camp can be found here: .

Parents who buy their children the gift of chess for Hanukkah can smile knowing that their children will have fun learning while helping to preserve the Jewish traditions of Hanukkah and great chess.

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