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On Chess: Millionaire Chess offers high gloss and high risk

October 9, 2015

Part of any good chess player’s repertoire includes gambits, sacrifices and risks. Specific player’s style of play makes them take this path more often than others; this includes those who prefer a high risk/high reward situation rather than consistency….

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Anand-Gelfand 2012: The World Awaits Game 7

May 20, 2012

Chess fans the world over are eagerly awaiting the start of game 7 in the 2012 Anand-Gelfand World Chess Championship. Many visitors to this site from India are becoming more concerned that their national hero’s best years are behind him and he may not have enough desire to keep the world chess championship in an Indian’s hands. Likewise, chess fans in Israel are concerned that Boris Gelfand will likely be their only world championship contender in the forseeable future. If he fails, so does Israel in producing a world chess champion. Indeed, the stakes are very high for these two ageing stars and money takes the back seat to fulfilling the dreams of their countrymen.

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