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Chess Classes in Fremont, California

August 22, 2014

FREMONT ACHIEVER CHESS TEAM: August 23rd through October 25th

Brought to you by The Achiever Institute and the Torres Chess and Music Academy, a non-profit organization


Children at Achiever Institute focusing hard at chess.

Children at Achiever Institute focusing hard at chess.


The Fremont Achiever Chess Team chess program meets every Saturday from 1:00 until 3:00, beginning August 23, 2014.

Held at The Achiever Institute.

43475 Ellsworth St. Fremont, CA 94539

Register at Achiever this Saturday


The Fremont Achiever Chess Team has a very special chess program taught by the nationally renowned chess instructors from the Torres Chess and Music Academy.  This course will provide experienced tournament players with instruction that will quickly increase their ability and understanding of chess. In addition, we will also teach newer students the skills necessary to excel in competitive chess. Participants will begin their afternoon by participating in an exciting chess class taught by the top chess instructors from the area. Students will then play 1 USCF rated chess game as part of the ongoing tournament and receive 1-on-1 analysis of their play. Lower rated players will play at g/30 time controls while higher rated players will be using g/45. Every five weeks, the tournament will be reported to the USCF in order to be rated. All participants must be members of the USCF. If your child is not a member, your child can join or renew their USCF membership at the first meeting.

The tuition for this program is $180 for ten weeks.

Drop-In for a single class for $20.

If you miss the first week or inform us during registration that you will be missing a week we will prorate the tuition. No refund will be given for unscheduled student absences.


Why I Run Rated Chess Tournaments for Kids

May 24, 2014

For the most part, every tournament run by the Torres Chess and Music Academy is rated by the United States Chess Federation. The TCAMA believes that rated tournaments are beneficial for youth chess players because they:

1) Use an official set of rules so that our competition will be fair.

2) The official nature of the chess tournament encourages your child to play a “more serious” chess game.

3) Ratings allow us to break children up into skill level sections.

4) Rated play means that your child must learn to stand on their own and receive no outside assistance.

5) All the major chess events worldwide are rated.

6) Rated play can serve as a reward for hours of chess practice.

7) A rated tournament encourages children to prepare more and thus improve their chess.

Kids playing chess at a rated tournament directed by the Torres Chess and Music Academy.

Kids playing chess at a rated tournament directed by the Torres Chess and Music Academy.

All Torres Chess and Music Academy rated tournaments are non-elimination events. In addition, we always provide coaching for free to all the children in attendance. Every child who attends one of our rated tournaments will receive an award(trophy, medal, ribbon etc.)


For more on youth chess ratings please read: How Important are Chess Ratings for Children?





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