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#Chess Position Worth Sharing 110

September 18, 2019

A remarkable position occurred after white played 47. Qxg3 in the game Samuel Sevian vs. Sergey Karjakin, FIDE World Cup 2019. Karjakin has only three legal responses as black and each would directly result in a different outcome (a win, a loss or a draw.)

Black to move and win, lose or draw! (Samuel Sevian – Sergey Karjakin, World Cup, Khanty-Mansiysk RUS, 2019.09.10.)

Russia vs USA Chess Match

January 3, 2013
Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin

Forty years after the greatest American chess player, Bobby Fischer, slayed Boris Spassky and the Russians to win the World Chess Championship, another classic chess battle between East and West will taking place. Officially starting on February first, 2013, Russia and the United States will do battle in a correspondence chess match for honor and pride. The last time a match such as this occurred was in 1982 when the Soviets crushed the Americans. This time round, the players representing the United States aspire to even the score.

I am honored to be representing team USA on board 16 versus the infamous Russian chess master, Andrey Terekhov. Mr Terekhov has already earned the title of FIDE Master and appears to be on his way toward earning an International Master title in correspondence chess. Andrey’s successes on the chess board are only matched by his achievements in computer science. On occasion, Andrey Terekhov is able to combine his hobbies as can be seen in a recent article about his simul versus the Caltech Chess Club.

For the next month, leading up to my first move, I will be busy preparing inventions and traps and placing them in a folder marked “Andrey Terekhov.” Should he attempt to alter his play to avoid my mischief, I look forward to unleashing some unexploded opening bombs that I have been waiting for an opponent of his caliber to victimize with. Serious correspondence chess players understand the need for preparation and I take my correspondence chess games very seriously.

Below are the top 20 boards for the upcoming Russia vs. United States of America correspondence chess match:

Russia                                                                          United States

Board 1   SIM Yamaliev, Vil Usbekovich  2462 . . . .   IM Belka, Wieland  2460
Board 2   IM Gerbich, Vladimir Fedorovich  2452 . . . .   SIM Knudsen, John C.  2443
Board 3  IM Balabanov, Viktor Viktorovich  2437 . . . .   SIM Millstone, Dr. Michael  2442
Board 4   Dolin, Boris Lukianovich  2426 . . . .   SIM Biedermann, Thomas  2430
Board 5   Pavlov, Viktor Aleksandrovich  2419 . . . .   Ingersol, Harry  2401
Board 6   Gudzovaty, Yury Vasilievich  2407 . . . .   Holroyd, Kenneth  2397
Board 7   SIM Baklanov, Valentin Petrovich  2393 . . . .   O’Connell, C.  2392
Board 8   Budkin, Gennady Aleksandrovich   2393 . . . .   Fass, Robert N.  2386
Board 9   IM Ivanov, Boris Vladimirovich  2384 . . . .   IM Ballow, John  2383
Board 10   Kazantsev, Renal Aleksandrovich  2367 . . . .   Horwitz, Daniel M.  2358
Board 11   Ananskikh, Evgeny Nikolaevich  2360 . . . .   IM Musitani, Cesar  2348
Board 12   Volodarsky, Yury Aleksandrovich  2357 . . . .   Meiners, Edwin  2336
Board 13   Chukanov, Igor Anatolievich   2352 . . . .   IM Schakel, Corky  2337
Board 14   Butov, Yury Alekseevich  2349 . . . .   Woodard, Daniel S.  2327
Board 15   Gus’kov, Viktor Vladimirovich  2346 . . . .   Parsons, Larry  2316
Board 16   Terekhov, Andrey Andreevich  2346 . . . .   Torres, Chris  2300
Board 17   Mishin, Anatoly Valentinovich  2343 . . . .   Brooks, Michael  2290
Board 18   Volkov, Aleksandr Valentinovich  2319 . . . .   Gleyzer, Leonid  2284
Board 19   Borisenkov, Dmitry Vasilievich  2318 . . . .   White, David V.  2270
Board 20   Selin, Sergey Gennadievich  2292 . . . .   Merrell, William S.  2232

Anand-Gelfand 2012: Blogs for Game 12

May 27, 2012

As the world awaits game 12 of the 2012 World Chess Championship Match between Viswanathan Anand and Boris Gelfand, I thought I might mention the best chess blogs that are providing coverage of the event. Below is a list of 12 Blogs I have been visiting to read more about the Anand-Gelfand match:

Alexandra Kosteniuk’s blog on Chess news.

The former Women’s World Chess Champion has been providing fun insights into the match between Anand and Gelfand.


Chess Magazine Black and White.

This is a blog site for India’s first chess news magazine.


Chess in Translation

Interviews with Russian grand masters on the Anand-Gelfand match are translated into English and posted here. Sergey Shipov’s commentary is quite good.



An extensive blog with everything you need to know about the 2012 World Chess Championship match. This site includes a live broadcast of every game.


World Chess Championship Blog

Mark Weeks provides his unique perspective on Anand vs Gelfand 2012.


Susan Polgar’s Chess Blog

Susan provides live analysis of all the games from the 2012 World Chess Championship.


Red and White Chess

This blog takes comments on Anand-Gelfand from many sources and pastes them into each individual game from the match.



Perhaps the most artistic of all the blogs covering the Anand-Gelfand World Chess Championship match.


Dana Blogs Chess

Chess master and author Dana Mackenzie provides analysis of the entire Anand-Gelfand match.


The Chess Improver

GM and acclaimed chess teacher Nigel Davies shows readers how to improve in chess through studying the games of the 2012 World Chess Championship match.


Chess Strike

This blog provides pgn chess games and video analysis of the Anand-Gelfand match.


Fpawn Chess Blog

My former chess teacher Michael Aigner posts interesting commentary on the 2012 World Chess Championship.






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