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Chess Initiative to Transform the Quality of Life for Children Living in Stockton

July 29, 2013

map_of_stockton_caToday, I am proud to announce the launch of a chess initiative to transform the quality of life for children living in Stockton, California. With the help of the communities in and around Stockton, I know that the Torres Chess and Music Academy will be successful in improving the chances of success for Stockton’s children. If you refuse to allow being born in the wrong zip code to be the defining moment of a child’s life,

The National Champions from MSJE

The National Champions from MSJE

then please contact me. Together we can change Stockton.

Chris Torres

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Why Stockton?:

1) Stockton Unified has seven elementary schools listed as being the worst performing schools in California.

2) Stockton averages 318 crimes per square mile!

3) Nearly 30% of children in Stockton live below the poverty level!

4) Stockton regularly ranks as one of the worst cities to live in according to Forbes Magazine.

Why Chess?:

1)  Chess increases test scores.

2) Chess improves decision making skills thus lowering violent crime.

3) Chess is inexpensive.

4) Chess makes your neighborhoods more appealing.

Why the Torres Chess and Music Academy:

1) Chris Torres has worked successfully in low performing schools.

2) The Torres Chess and Music Academy has experience using chess to combat gang recruitment.

3) The Torres Chess and Music Academy is a nonprofit organization.

4) Chris Torres is one of the best chess coaches in the United States.

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