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Final Reminder to Register Your Child for the SPFNO Chess Championship

February 22, 2016

Dear Fellow Chess Parents,


Do children who play competitive chess develop skills that will give them advantages over their non-chess peers? 


Yes, I certainly believe so!


My name is Chris Torres and I am the Organizer for the Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys. If you sign your child up right now, I can promise your family a very special kind of tournament experience perhaps unlike any other you have ever attended.


First of all, by signing your child up for the 2016 SPFNO, you are guaranteeing your child the opportunity to meet and hang out with the former World Champion Grandmaster Susan Polgar.

SPNO 2015 u16u18boys

But that’s only the beginning of the fun they’ll have when they start playing chess with us!


  • The first place winner in each championship section:

*Qualifies for the Prominent Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls (Girls sections only).

*Qualifies for the 2016 FIDE World Youth Chess Championship.*

*Wins $100,000 in prizes and scholarships to Webster University (U16/18 sections).

SPNO 2015 team


  • The SPFNO will take place at a 34,200 square foot facility which we will not be sharing with any other activities. This means our players can be conformably spread out and parents have plenty of space to mingle while waiting for their kids to finish games.


  • At the SPFNO your family will be treated to free parking and offered a fine selection of affordable food cooked in a real restraint on site.


  • The SPFNO has its own state-of-the-art website which will keep you up to date on tournament results and pairings without requiring your participation in a stampede to view the wall charts.



The Fun of Watching Your Child Learn and Grow through Chess


Part of the fun of the SPFNO is watching your child meet and make friends with other youngsters who love chess as much as they do. As a competitor in the SPFNO your child will get to participate in a chess tournament attended by many of the best chess players their age in the U.S.A.

SPFNO 2015 u8boys

Another part – and an important one – is having your child get his/her games analyzed by brilliant players such as Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky who will be analyzing games for free at the SPFNO.


At the SPFNO your child will be placed in an environment where chess is considered cool and where being a high achiever is the norm. Basically, we are providing the ideal conditions for your child to learn and grow through chess.


The Excitement of Shaping the Future through Chess


For some families, the excitement of joining the SPFNO is reason enough to attend. For other families, it will be because of the enormous learning opportunity the SPFNO creates. For me, it is knowing that we, as parents, are doing something to make the world a better place. I honestly believe that many of our future “thought leaders” will be present at tournaments like the SPFNO.


Also, The SPFNO is an official qualifying event for the FIDE World Youth Chess Championships. What could be more exciting than earning the chance to compete against the best chess players in the world?!


By signing our own kids up for such events, I believe we are shaping the future through chess. Now that’s real exciting!


Come Play Chess with Us


So join the Torres Chess and Music Academy and the Susan Polgar Foundation for the fun of it, the learning opportunities and the excitement of shaping the future. The price goes up on Wednesday so join today!



Chris Torres

Chess Dad

#HappyNewYear from the Torres Chess and Music Academy

January 1, 2016


2015 was a banner year for scholastic chess in Northern California! One of the high points was undoubtedly the California premier of the Susan Polgar Foundation National Open for Girls and Boys. The feedback we received about the tournament was overwhelmingly positive with some very insightful suggestions as to what parents and coaches would like to see changed in the 2016 edition of the SPFNO. So, for 2016, we have adjusted the categories to be a better fit for players of all strengths, added a club section, and increased the already impressive number of trophies and awards we will be handing out. However, the majority of the details for 2016 Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys have been left untouched including the fact that the tournament will be held at the same location and same weekend as in 2015. If your child is planning on participating in the 2016 SPFNO please take advantage of our early bird pricing so you can get the best deal on this incredible chess opportunity. To register and find more details on the tournament, go to


Happy New Year,

Chris Torres

President of the Torres Chess and Music Academy

Organizer for the SPFNO

California Chess Classes to Feature the Games of Bobby Fischer

September 16, 2015
In honor of the movie Pawn Sacrifice, National Champion Chess Coach Chris Torres is pleased to announce two new chess programs that will feature the games of Bobby Fischer.
Chess Champion Bobby Fischer

Chess Champion Bobby Fischer



Beginning September 19, 2015

The Fremont Achiever Chess Team

Saturday from 1:00 until 3:00

43475 Ellsworth St.

Fremont, CA 94539

(510) 226-6161






Beginning September 27, 2015

The Achievements Academy Chess Team

Sunday from 2:30 until 4:30

7027 Village Parkway

Dublin, Ca 94568

(925) 812-3737






These classes will provide players with instruction that will quickly increase their ability and understanding of chess. During the first hour of every session, Chris will use Bobby Fischer’s brilliant chess moves as the basis for his lectures. After the lesson, all students will play one round of a five round Swiss Style rated chess tournament and receive1-on-1 time with Coach Torres to identify strengths and weaknesses in their play. Space is very limited for these special classes so be sure to reserve your child’s spot today by emailing a request to

All participants must be members of the USCF. If your child is not a member, your child can join or renew their USCF membership at the first meeting, or by going to



2015 SPFNO


Don’t forget to sign up for the Susan Polgar Foundation’s Nationwide Open for Girls and Boys on February 27-28 in San Mateo California.

In the course of the two-day chess festival, the SPFNO will award qualifications for:

*The Prestigious Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls

*The FIDE World Youth Chess Championship 2016

*As well as $100,000 in scholarships and prizes

For more information and to register please visit:


The Thrilling Conclusion of the 2015 Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys

March 30, 2015

After the final round of the 2015 Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys, there remained two-way ties for first place in four different sections. Rather than use computer generated tiebreaker scores, we let the children decide the matter themselves over a five minute game of blitz chess. Depending on the section, these finalists were playing for a seat in the FIDE World Youth Chess Championship, a seat in the Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Invitational for Girls and a $50,000 college scholarship to Webster University. All four blitz games games commenced simultaneously and each board had its own tournament director watching every move. Below is the unedited footage from the thrilling conclusion to the 2015 SPFNO.

Chess Simul With Grandmaster Susan Polgar 

February 27, 2015

Here is your friendly reminder that the simul with Susan Polgar is scheduled for 6:00pm on Friday, February 27th. This event will be held at the Bay Area Chess Center located at 1639 A South Main St in Milpitas, California. There is no charge for attending and 5 additional seats in the simul will be raffled off to scholastic players in attendance who are signed up for the Susan Polgar National Open for Girls and Boys. If your child is not yet registered for the SPFNO, you can do so at

Preparing for the Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys: Part 3

February 9, 2015

or Why You should be Using Coach Jay’s Chess Academy to train your child

Round BW HR

With only twenty days left before the Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys, do you ever wonder what you can do to prepare for the event with your child. If you download Coach Jay’s Chess Academy you literally can become your child’s primary chess coach.
Jay Stallings, a time honored chess coach from Southern California, is a “Grandmaster” of making chess practice fun. His app uses a comprehensive method which he devised from his decades of practical experience teaching young children how to play chess. Each lesson on the app is followed by several exercises designed to test your child’s understanding of a key concept. As your child completes the exercises, he/she earns stars that accumulate until your child earns a new belt (just like in martial arts.) This reward system not only encourages your child to study chess but it also allows parents to gauge their child’s progress.
As a successful chess coach myself, I have found Coach Jay’s Chess Academy to be very helpful for teaching chess to my own daughter. At first, I thought it might just be a child friendly version of the ubiquitous online “tactics trainer,” but it is in actuality a full chess curriculum cleverly disguised in a fun little app. By using Coach Jay’s Chess Academy with my daughter, I even discovered several tips and tricks for teaching lessons to students in my weekly chess classes.
With only twenty days left until the Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys, there is no better time to download Coach Jay’s Chess Academy than right now. Start today and you will definitely be helping your child to be the best they can be at the 2015 SPFNO and beyond.
For more information on the Susan Polgar Foundation’s National Open for Girls and Boys and Coach Jay Chess Academy, please read:

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