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2014 USCF Absolute Championship

January 20, 2014

Since 1976, the USCF Absolute Championship has provided only the strongest correspondence chess players in the United States with a chance to compete in a closed USCF correspondence chess championship. It is my honor and privilege to be participating in this event for the second time. Below is the official table with the participants names and ratings for the 2014 USCF Absolute Championship. I also took the liberty of linking all the participants names to articles describing their chess accomplishments.



1. Harry Ingersol 2417                          
2. Daniel Woodard 2395                            
3. David Sogin 2386                            
4. Anthony Kain 2381                            
5. Chris Torres 2375                            
6. Keith Rodriguez 2363                            
7. Robert Fass 2351                            
8. Danny Horwitz 2322                            
9. Kristo Miettinen 2309                            
10. Gordon Magat 2305                            
11.Dana Daves 2289                            
12  Charles Jacobs 2259                            
13. James Rhodes 2250                            

USCF Top Correspondence Chess Players

June 13, 2010

Below is a list of the United States Chess Federation top 25 correspondence chess players for June 2010. Of personal note is number twelve, Thomas Langland. He is our current Calchess president and very active in the scholastic chess scene of Northern California. In fact, every time I see Tom he is burdened as a chief tournament director at a major scholastic event but still takes the time listen to my concerns. I hope Tom is able to continue as our President because I feel he puts the chess players of California first and avoids the dirty politics that have plagued Calchess in the not so distant past.  Make sure to pay a visit to see what Tom is doing for his local scholastic chess players.

Number 18, Gary Walters, is another  player of personal interest. Gary just finished winning the 2009 USCF Absolute Championship. This is the United States Chess Federation’s strongest correspondence chess tournament held each year. Gary Walters also maintains a wonderfully informative blog  at It is very apparent from his blog that he enjoys chess a great deal and writes from a position of great understanding. I am recommending that USCF members strongly consider casting a vote for Gary Walters so that he can be a part of the next United States Chess Federation Executive Board.

1 Cullum, Chuck (12683996) MA USA 2487
2 Duliba, Edward P (10147310) PA USA 2485
3 O’Hare, Ciaran (12540472) OK USA 2440
4 O’Connell, Christopher Ian (10206600) DE USA 2436
  Van Enk, Steven J (12729266) OR USA 2436
6 Brandhorst, Wesley (10177103) FL USA 2432
7 Wilson, Abe (12483963) HI USA 2412
8 Greene, David F (12547622) NJ USA 2410
9 Cook, Randy (12414122) AZ USA 2401
10 Concha, Hugo J (12464289) FL USA 2398
11 Rose, Bleys W (12405134) CA USA 2394
12 Langland, Thomas P (11236219) CA USA 2390
13 Tracz, James G (12398324) OH USA 2387
14 Brower, Walter J (12416332) AL USA 2379
15 Miettinen, Kristo, Maj (12486315) NY USA 2378
16 Levine, Joel (10099200) NY USA 2374
17 Brack, Frank Edward (12412040) TX USA 2372
18 Schultheis, Donald H, Sr (10183758) MD USA 2367
  Walters, Gary (12617923) OH USA 2367
20 Buss, Michael D (12437668) IN USA 2359
21 Keating, Robert F (12641782) IA USA 2358
22 Daves, Dana Drew, Sr (12395110) NC USA 2357
23 Sogin, David Warren (12546407) KY USA 2354
24 Fass, Robert (10127319) NY USA 2348
  Baffo, Jeffrey (10340195) CO USA 2348


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