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World Youth Chess Championships 2012: Half Time for Team USA

November 13, 2012

Ben Rood likes his chances.

Today was the break day for the young chess players competing at the World Youth Chess Championships in Maribor, Slovenia. Team USA is particularly dominant in the U12 Open where American chess masters Samuel Sevian and Jeffrey Xiong are tied for first and will be playing on board 1 in round 7. Only a half point behind and tied for second place are fellow countrymen Cameron Wheeler and Bryce Tiglon. In the U10 Open, Aravind Kumar and Trung Nguyen are tied for third with 5/6.  Americans Annie Wang and Emily Nguyen will be playing each other on board 4 in the U10 Girls section. In the U8 Girls section,  Aasa Dommalapati has played extremely well and is tied for second with 5/6. Finally, in the U8 Open, Tan Nguyen, Balaji Daggupati and super-star Ben Rood are still hunting for Gold. With so many players from the United States having won 75% of the games or more through 6 rounds, it seems very likely that several members of the American delegation will be awarded medals on the podium after round 11.

World Youth Chess Championships 2012

November 8, 2012

The 2012 World Youth Chess Championships in Maribor, Slovenia will be played according to this schedule:


Round 1 is Thursday November 8 at 15:00

Round 2 is Friday November 9 at 15:00

Round 3 is Saturday, November 10 at 15:00

Round 4 is Sunday, November 11 at 15:00

Round 5 is Monday, November 12 at 10:00

Round 6 is Monday, November 12 at 17:00

Round 7 is Wednesday, November 14 at 15:00

Round 8 is Thursday, November 15 at 15:00

Round 9 is Friday, November 16 at 15:00

Round 10 is Saturday, November 17 at 15:00

Round 11 is Sunday, November 18 at 10:00


Live game coverage can be seen here:

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