Test your chess: Reitstein problem 107

A slight improvement in the value of the Black Queen makes all the difference for Chavkin.


Black to play and win

M Bileden v A Chavkin 1920

I didn’t solve this one, and certainly wouldn’t have found the solution had I being playing black in a game.

The clue given by Reitstein said that white had overlooked black’s brilliant reply which made me look for something special. After trying various moves, I landed on 1…Bc3!, which isn’t bad, and after 2 ed! Bd4 at least black’s bishop is improved, but black certainly isn’t winning after 3 g3 pushing black back. I didn’t do well on this puzzle, being pleased with myself that the ‘main’ line, 2 bc? is poor, being met with by 2…de 3 Ne4[] Qf4+ and black has a good advantage. I lazily assumed that 2 ed Bd4 was a bale out solution.

Alas, I never even considered 1…Qg3!, its point being 2 Bh5 de, when the Qg3 defends the e3 pawn, so it…

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One Response to “Test your chess: Reitstein problem 107”

  1. Crhistian Porma Says:

    dxe3, threatening mate in f2, and if knigt e4, mate in e1

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