Sam Loyd Puzzles are Infuriatingly Fantastic!

It took me exactly 16:22 to solve this seemingly simple chess problem!


White to move and mate in three by Sam Loyd, 1868. 


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4 Responses to “Sam Loyd Puzzles are Infuriatingly Fantastic!”

  1. Yanuar Says:

    mating site must be a3-square. white job is to stop black king to reach c-file. since black pawn can’t move, white can only use zugzwang. so 1. Qh6 (to reach c1 to banish black king to c-file and escape). 1. … Kb4 (forced in zugzwang; pawn move allows mate in a6). Then 2. Qc1 (to protect c-file and c-pawn from king’s escape). Then 2. … Ka4 (or a5) and 3. Qa3+ checkmate.

  2. Tasic Vladimir Says:

    1.Qh6! Kb4 2.Qf8! and Qa3# 1…Ka5 2.Kb3 3.Qb6# 1…b4 2.Qa6#

  3. J. C. Conway Says:

    Reblogged this on J. C. Conway.

  4. John C Says:

    Excuse me, but c6 mates next move.

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