A Sterling Recommendation for the Fremont Summer Chess Camp

Below is an honest appraisal on the value of our summer chess camp copied directly from an email by the Head Coach of Mission San Jose Elementary School Chess Program:


Banners displaying some of our students’ highest achievements.


Attached is the flyer for the summer 2015 chess program in the MSJE multipurpose room. Chris Torres has been running these programs for several years and they have been very helpful to many of our stars.

You can sign up for one week, two weeks, or the entire four week program.

These programs are good for beginners, advanced students, and students working on becoming advanced. Students will play actual rated games in the class.   These games will be reviewed by the experienced instructors.

This year MSJE won the National Elementary Schools chess Championship at the United States Chess Federation tournament in Nashville. MSJE also won the Yes2Chess USA National Championship. Each member of our 5 player team and one of their parents were flown to London for the international championships against teams form seven other countries. These classes have had a lot to do with our success.

You can register for the program at http://chessandmusic.com//aboutus/ .

Joe Lonsdale

MSJE Chess Coach

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